Warranty Terms and Conditions

1-year limited warranty given by IMS MERILNI SISTEMI d.o.o. (distributor) starts with the date that is on the invoice/delivery note.

The distributor will in time of warranty fix free of charge any hardware defects that are a result of manufacturing or material defects.

The buyer needs to immediately report the defect to the distributor. The defective equipment has to be returned in original packaging or packaging equivalent to the original together with a copy of the invoice. Costs of transport to the distributor are covered by the buyer.

The distributor reserves the right to fix of exchange the defective product. For service longer than 30 days the distributor grants the extension of warranty period. If the distributor cannot fix the error in 45 days, it needs to exchange the product with a new one. The distributor does not need to start with repairs until the buyer pays the invoice in full.

The warranty is void:

  • If the buyer did not use the product in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • If fixing of modification of the product was attempted without the agreement from the distributor.
  • In case of force majeure.
  • If the cause of the defect is equipment from other manufacturers that was connected to the product


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