Our calibration adds value to your instruments

When using measuring instruments, we ask about the accuracy of the measurements, the dynamic range of the measuring device, and about the lowest value that can still be reliably measured.
In order to get answers to these and other questions related to the operation of the measuring device, it is necessary to calibrate it. Only regular calibration reveals the true characteristics and behavior trend of the measuring device.
Calibration in the IMS laboratory is a guarantee that your equipment is working according to technical specifications. While the instrument is being calibrated, if necessary, we fix irregularities or damage and update it to the latest version.
Kalibracije, servis in podpora

Accredited calibration*

includes a certificate and a report on measurement results:

  • Traceability to national institutes (DPLA, PTB).
  • The certificate is recognized without objection.
  • Ensures calibration conforms to ISO quality standard requirements.
  • The certificate is an officially recognized document.

* Accredited calibration is carried out as part of the Calibration Laboratory Lotrič d.o.o., accreditation number LK-008. The scope of accreditation is available on request from IMS or Lotrič.

Traceable calibration

includes a report on the measurement results:

  • Guaranteed traceability to national institutes (DPLA, NPL, PTB).


certificate without measurement results:

  • The compliance of the instrument with the specifications is checked (Compliance Test).

Repair of equipment

We carry out repairs in our own service center with experienced and certified personnel. For major repairs, we cooperate with the parent company Brüel & Kjær.

Videos from our calibration lab

Below you can see some videos from our calibration lab.

Sound meter calibration

Microphone calibration

Calibration of the artificial mastoid

Accelerometer calibration

Povpraševanje Avdiometrija

Acoustical measurements

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