Over 20 years of
experience in
calibration. audiometry. modeling. solutions. systems. support.


Our mission is improving people’s lives from the perspective of sound and vibration. Making noise friendlier to people and the environment. Making the quality of sound and music unforgettable. We guarantee the highest quality of services and equipment for our current and future business partners. We are using premium equipment for sound and vibration measurement and analysis.



Calibration in our calibration laboratory guarantees that your equipment is operating in accordance with its technical specifications. While your instrument is in for calibration, we can, if needed, fix damages and apply software updates.


In our company we don’t want to be just silent observers of what is going on around us, that is why we decided to develop our own solutions in the filed of sound and vibration measurement. Our systems are the product of our experienced team’s know-how and cooperation with the company Dewesoft.

Where are we?

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