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Več kot 20 let izkušenj na področju merjenja zvoka in vibracij


At the IMS Merilni Sistemi laboratory, our commitment to excellence ensures we provide you with a trusted partner in sound and vibration solutions. Our dedicated team of experts goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive calibration, repair and support services for your instruments. We strive to restore your instruments to their optimal condition, ensuring their longevity and reliable performance.


In our company we don’t want to be just silent observers of what is going on around us, that is why we decided to develop our own solutions in the field of sound and vibration measurement. Our systems are the product of our experienced team’s know-how and cooperation with the company Dewesoft.


Read our current innovations in the fields of vibration and sound

Do you still remember our project "Trenta," which we implemented together with the company Asist? We are excited to share that we have been selected again to collaborate on another similar task.
At the end of September, we took part in the 10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustic Association, which took place in our beautiful Izola.



Our mission is to improve people’s lives from the perspective of sound and vibration. We are making noise friendlier to people and the environment and making the quality of sound and music unforgettable. We guarantee our current and future business partners the highest quality of services and equipment. We are using premium equipment for sound and vibration measurement and analysis.

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Zvok in vibracije

Več kot 20 let izkušenj
na področju zvoka in vibracij

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