10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustic Association

At the end of September, we took part in the 10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustic Association, which took place in our beautiful Izola. The congress was organized by the Slovenian Acoustical Society (SDA), in collaboration with the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, and InnoRenew CoE.

The organizers ensured that the two-day event, which attracted more than 80 international experts in the field of acoustics to Slovenia, proceeded flawlessly. The beautifully designed spaces of the InnoRenew building created a delightful atmosphere that also resonated well with the participants. This was a unique opportunity for us to meet people whose voices we only recognize from phone calls, an opportunity for the names from our email contacts to become familiar faces and to shake hands with people with whom we always enjoy collaborating or may collaborate with in the future.

On rainy days, we nostalgically remember the summer and this event, which will remain a beautiful memory for us. Once again, we thank the organizers for their exceptional work and look forward to future similar events!

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